Are you stuck in 2014? July 16 2015

It’s halfway through 2015, 2014 is in the past it’s a new year and with a new year means new trends; especially for interior design. Don’t be behind the ball this year. Start now and design your house to be the place where everyone wants to be. With just a little work, all of your guests will marvel over how good your house looks! 

Before the New Year, interior designers predict upcoming interior design trends. These tips and trends will help you style your house to make it feel like a home. The main goal of a home should be to make it comfortable and welcoming; but most importantly it should be a place where you want to be. These suggestions can help you design your house into your dream home.

Between Julie Carlson, reporter for Remodelista (read full text here); (read full text here); and editor, Shelia Schmitz (read full text here) they all predicted that in 2015, a paradox between modern and traditional designs will be more common in the home. The hard part is learning how to seamlessly combine both of these designs since they are vastly different. There are many ways this can be achieves one suggestion that Schmitz makes is that there is no need to throw away your old wooden kitchen table, now just embellish it with modern chairs. Or simply use second-hand furniture to add an individualistic look to your home. The juxtaposition of the old and new styled furniture enhances their unique qualities, which draws attention to the details of the overall interior design of your home.


Also, incorporating modern materials such as rustic woods, exotic woods, marble and granite are all the rage! Julie Carlson and designers from explain that utilizing these materials creates a contemporary feeling. These natural elements help fuse the modern and traditional designs together. To achieve this look, think about marble backsplashes in your kitchen, pale driftwood finishes, or wooden staircases.


But don’t let the nature stop there! When you are designing a room, have it be inspired by nature. There is no rule about bringing the outdoors in. Julie Carlson informs us that the pencil cactus is the new “it” plant and can complete the look of any room. Also, modern designs such as large windows, green walls, and floral prints are being used to tastefully design a room to achieve the natural look.  


This combination of designs is not easy to achieve, but when it is, it’s a very unique look. In addition, Julie Carlson, desginers from, and Shelia Schmitz offer many more tips on how to fully adorn your home to keep it on trend. Have fun playing around with modern and traditional elements in your home!