Two Tier Black Swivel Flat Screen Stand

$ 79.99 $ 139.00

This intelligent swivel stand can sit on any stand, dresser, console, or counter and serve your needs as a functional place for your flat screen. It swivels helpfully to give you the perfect view, whether it is on your kitchen counter to enable those in the kitchen to watch TV or in your office on top of a chest or filing cabinet. Its diminutive size enables it to be placed anywhere and gives you a secure, functional place to put your TV, enabling it to swivel in whatever direction you need. Its top tier is the perfect place for your flat screen, the lower tier is a great place for a DVD player, A/V component, or gaming system. Its attractive black woodgrain also brings elegance and a stately look, though its design is thoroughly modern.

Its dimensions are 23 5/8" W X 15 3/4" D X 9 1/4" H.