Premium Valencia Collection Extendable Modern Walnut TV Stand

$ 1,349.00 $ 1,499.99

The Valencia Collection from PLATEAU is designed to stand out from the rest, a premium collection from a premium manufacturer. This unit is more than a TV stand--it is a conversation starter! Bringing you the most luxurious quality as well as premium quality and functionality, this stand is one of a kind. It comes fully assembled, meaning you will be set up and ready to get plugged in the moment you receive it. It can be extended to 87" wide or can be pushed together for a width of 51", or anywhere in between. This enables you to fit the stand in any room easily, as well as fit any size TV. When extended, just place one of two of the included spacers on the top, or take them out to compress it. The four cabinets with glass doors and attractive nickel hardware will hold all of your A/V components, cable boxes, etc., and a wire management system and ample ventilation ensure a clutter free environment that keeps your components cool. The stand is made of the finest materials and will last you indefinitely, bringing top quality and sleek looks to your space.

 Its dimensions (extended) are 59" W X 21" D X 18" H.

 The dimensions of the cabinets are 20.5" W X 20" D X 7.5" H. The dimensions of the open spaces when the stand is extended are 18" W X 21" D X 17.25" H.